The sorrow of the world & the potential of development
Thoughts about using "correct Qi"
By Galit Shaviv


It happens so often: A patient walks in my clinic and she is "full of trouble": problematic relations with spout/ children/ mother/ boss, her job is unsatisfying, her neck has a memory of a whiplash from former accident, and she has severe PMS every month. And more, you know.

Here is a possible scenario that can go on in my mind:

  1. I am a shiatsu therapist, not an emotional healer!  How can I deal with all these things? Although I can see the connection between the issues she is suffering from, she should definitely see a shrink!

  2. Wait! I must hurry and find a solution! Neck pain treat with shiatsu and yoga. Pms – same, plus nutrition change and a recipe from a herbalist. Relations – meditation group and family therapist. Work – find a hobby like group knitting in Lapin style that will connect her to her northern ancient roots, plus mutual baking of Pirrakka! You know…


Hurrying to find a solution is natural. We are raised in a pragmatic society that relays on "results". Quick remedy, Pain killers, Instant cure. No time to be sick.

By doing t so I actually collaborate with the stressful, condensed dimension she is in right now, I am drawn into it. Coming from the best of intentions I identify, rapidly think of similar situations I was in, maybe trying to implement "my solution" on her.

In fact, i don’t give a space to what is going on at the moment, only trying to "fight it back", creating a "battle-field". And we all know well that war never supported healing and recovery.


Sometimes people come with a deep, inner sorrow. Facing "the sorrow of the world" which rises up when we peel off the layers of symptoms – is so hard. How can I assist someone that is so sensitive to bear the collective human pain?How can I direct someone to a different path when carrying other's pain, being a martyr – is considered as "noble", holly or indicating that "I am a good person"?

Meaning - identifying with collective pain has become an ideal. A misunderstanding of empathy, mutual responsibility and acknowledging the inner connection of all beings – has turned into a burden. So far from creation's original plan for us, to develop and explore life here on earth.


So, what can I do? Can I "protect" myself from this heavy Qi of collective pain? How can I make sure I am not drawn into it? Can I use energy protection on my field? Imagine a bubble? A circle? A wall? And does separating myself, or separation at all – can support the patient's healing process – or my own?

We well know the state of exhausted therapists with sore shoulders, carrying the patient's pain on their back. In these paragraphs we present "Qi and Body method" suggestion, hence energy management for therapist and patient is one of its basic topics.




The will, the passion to develop - is a divine code that is concealed in every creation. It is the very essence of divinity: to create, to expand, to develop. It can be covered with dust, it can be forgotten – but it never disappears or diminishes, because we are designed that way. This spark was planted in our different fields of expression, as an original code of action.

I remember walking in the hospital halls, when my father was dying of cancer, surprised to recognize this little spark of life in many of the soon- to- be-released people that stayed there.

This original divine code is described in many of the spiritual traditions and known in different names. Here I would like to refer to it at merely as a technology we can use – not spiritually or belief related. When we acknowledge we are created with the divine code of the passion to develop and create, we can refer to its essence and functionality.

Back to my suffering patient, here is what we do:

  1. I connect my own energy field. I recognize this spark in me: the potential to develop in any way (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically etc.). I imagine it expanding.

  2. I look at my patient, and clearly identify her potential of development. I see it clearly "under the dust", recognizing the divine code.

  3. I recognize unified field that we both share, and I imagine both of us develop and expand.


By turning our gaze away from the third dimension's condensed "reality", we open up a window to another dimension. When I give space to my patient's "troubles", not hurrying to solve, and see her growth potential – Qi is changed immediately. Nothing is "piled up" on my shoulders, and she can feel someone just switched on the light for her, by seeing her potential coming to real.

As simple as that. Please try it at home :-)

What a relief. Now we can do some Shiatsu.










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