Qi & Body Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese manual energetic treatment that was developed in the last 150 years,

based on ancient healing eastern knowledge.

Life is a constant movement. Lack og movement creates stagnation in every aspect: Physical, mental, energetic. Shiatsu, as most complementary treatments, is encouraging movement and works a bit like plumbing: The body systems are encouraged to increase natural healing energy, and release blocked energy that eventually creates illness.

It is done by pressing special points all over the body that are chosen carefully.

Shi – finger. Atsu – pressing.


Qi & Body Shiatsu

Qi & Body Shiatsu is created within 20 years of Shiatsu practice in various methods:

Zen Shiatsu,Tao Shiatsu by Ryokyu Endo (Japan), and Seiki Shiatsu (Israel).


In Qi & Body Shiatsu treatment the practitioner connects directly with the natural healing energy that exists in all being, and healing is awaken in all dimensions: physical, emotional, energetic. 

The patient is encouraged to take a practical part in the healing process, given exercises both physical and mental, in order to understand better the cause of illness.


The method is standing on three pillars:

1. Basic Knowledge in Shiatsu - finding the right points. depth. rythm. Thorough teaching of differnts Katas (formats) supporting patient and therapist as one. Deeply connecting with the meridians. Diagnosis and specific treatments.

2. Presonal develpment of the therapist - revealing the connection between movement and conciousness, and it's direct effect on Qi. Listening and feedback. Meditation and intervals.

3. Energy management - tools of long-term, effortless clinical work, rejuvenation, grounding, resetting, giving-receiving relations with one’s body and environment.

In Qi & Body treatment the therapist keeps constant connection with different aspects of the energetic field (Qi Body) – of practitioner & patient as one - that keep one aware of one's center, grounding and focus.


Qi & Body practice includes a deep observation of practitioner's various states of mind.

The accurate dialogue between the body movement, awareness, and the Qi Body – enables an effective, compact and light treatment, which arouses vital Qi movement in both practitioner's and patient's Qi Body, without effort or over-giving.


We intend to connect and arouse the basic, natural healing energy that exists in all beings - Seiki -  from a state of unification and good-wishing.  

The shiatsu treatment is a combination of a basic Kata (sequence) treatment -

and a specific treatment including manual work on the joints, meridian treatment and special points (tsubo) treatment.


Basic elements:

1. We practice mind-movement techniques,that establishes our awareness to our - and other's - energetic field. 

2. We keep being aware of nourishing sources and recycling process.

3. We approach patient/student with Unification, and practice methods to provoke natural life's healing energy (Seiki).

3. We practice methods of greetings & connecting patient's biggest potential of healing & development.


1. Do-In (personal practice): Matsunaga meridian stretching, Renki – series of movements that focuses the relations between body movement – awareness – & healing energy, expressed during Shiatsu treatment. Manifesting Shiatsu principles through basic exercise of Aikido.

2. Kata treatment.

3. Specific treatment: tsubo treatment, joints manual work, Hara treatment, diagnosis.

4. Various forms of meditation: observing the "therapist's self", connecting natural healing energy, tuning meditations, different apects of unification and good-wishing.


The process of learning and practicing demands us, practitioners, to unfold old patterns of movement and action - and reveal the source in which we act from during the treatment. Connecting the source enables us to diagnose, treat and assist the process of healing – with lightness and gratitude. 

Qi & Body is taught and practiced in the Ancient Chinese Medicine Program in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, Israel,

and in collaboration with Akuponktioklinikka and The International School of Acupuncture in Helsinki, Finland. Qi & Body is supported by the Israeli ACM association

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