Shiatsu Study Program Finland

Qi & Body Shiatsu method is built on three basic elements:

  • Profound knowledge in shiatsu: accuracy in location of tsubo (pressing point), correct pressing, rhythm and depth. Thorough studying of Kata. Direct connection with meridians, diagnoses and more.

  • Personal development of therapist. Deepening the connection “thought-consciousness- movement-Qi”. Presence and mindfulness. Feedback. Treating “the whole” –physical, emotional, spiritual.

  • Energy management: tools of long-term, effortless clinical work, rejuvenation, grounding, resetting, giving-receiving relations with one’s body and environment.


LEVEL 1:Basic studies in Shiatsu, energy management

Level 2: Shiatsu Therapist Diploma

Acquiring profound knowledge treating with Qi & Body Shiatsu method.

  • Learning Basic treatment forms (Kata), Hara treatment, meridian recognition in Hara, specific treatments. Uses and contra-indications.

  • Spiritual and practical development of the therapist – through mutual observation in human patterns and contents.

  • Heart practice, mutual and circular meditations, practical conscious techniques for healing and well-being.

  • Practical acquaintance with energetic field – of therapist and patient as one. Energy management of therapist (rejuvenating, grounding etc.).

  • Development of therapist as a guide and an escort in other's healing processes.


Contents of teaching – Shiatsu therapist


Acquaintance with our energetic field – and our surroundings, through practicing series of movements connected with consciousness.

Do-in includes:

  • Meridian stretching's

  • Renki

  • Elements from "Awareness through dance"

  • Elements from "Shizen no michi" Aikido



Basic tools how to work with our own Qi (life energy) and with other's.

  • Recognition of Unification – meanings and applications.

  • Anchors in our Qi field – recognition, connection and usage.

  • Energy management for therapist – rejuvenating, grounding, creating balance in the motivation of giving.

  • Practicing all these principles through Do-In, Kata and tsubo practice.

  • Subtle techniques of working with Qi.



Kata practice is the basic form of treatment.

Qualified therapist teaching includes 4 basic kata: lying on the belly, lying on the back, side position, sitting position – and Hara practice.

Kata practice includes acquaintance, usage and contra-indications.


Tsubo and Meridians

  • What is tsubo and how to find it.

  • Tsubo practice with various methods.

  • Meridians – tsubo locations in the Hara

  • Energetic experience with meridians.


Diagnosis and Specific treatment

  • Choosing treatment path with various intuitive tools, based of observation, Qi balance recognition, using key questions, Hara diagnosis and more.

  • Specific treatments are performed all over the body in specific tsubo.

  • Hara treatment.

  • Manual joints techniques.

  • Usage and contra-indications.

  • Treatment-bed techniques – applications and usage.


Feedback and giver-receiver's relations

  • Feedback techniques - personal and in a group.

  • Receiver's responsibility for the treatment.

  • Methods and applications.

  • Treatment leading.

  • Group leading.

  • Heart practice and Group meditation

  • Observation in changes in Qi state reflected by our thoughts – through mutual practice and applications.

  • Learning the power of energetic unification and sharing. Techniques of wishing for well-being and healing.


The subjects are learned in a circular pattern and various according to the class state/needs.

The entire program is accomplished within 10 weekends (3 days) of teaching, with additional weekly group practice.


Teaching hours

Level 1: Basic Shiatsu + energy management (210 hours)

140 hours - Shiatsu teaching with a senior teacher

70 hours - group training

Level 2: Qualified Shiatsu Therapist Diploma (420 hours including level 1)

140 hours – Shiatsu teaching with a senior teacher, including 20 hours of

professional ethics and therapist-patient's relations

70 hours – group training and final paperwork

Treatment reports of minimum 3 patients treated 6 treatments (18 treatments).


In order to suit European Shiatsu Accociasion standard, the students will be reqiuered to seperately take a short Anatomy & Physiology course.



LEVEL3: Clinical Shiatsu Therapist Diploma  (240 hours, 660 3 levels)

Advanced program that is aimed to achieve clinical specializing in Shiatsu treatment.

We will continue and deepen former contents and put special emphasis on therapist's spiritual development.


The teaching includes

  • Advanced Kata - Deep and effective katas, using different parts of therapist's body.

  • Advanced Tsubo treatment throughout whole body – pattern and random tsubo.

  • Advanced Hara and meridian treatment.

  • Advanced practice with practitioner's development.

  • Specific symptomatic treatments (back pain, neck pain, pregnancy, shoulders, belly, knees, children and more).

  • Clinic hours supervised by a senior teacher.

  • Clinical discussions over cases.



Organizer: Galit Shaviv with the collaboration of ISA

Location: Akupunktioklinikka, Keskustorni 6krs., Tapiola, Espoo

Contact: Johanna Häkkinen,, tel. 040 7565 789

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