since 2012

Qi & Body Shiatsu method is taught in Israel since 2003 in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Chinese medicine program – and since 2012 in Finland, in collaboration with Akuponktioklinikka in Tapiola and The International School of Acupuncture ISA.

Why QI and Body in Finland?

  • The widest program – 42o hours 1+2 level for Shiatsu Therapist diploma, 240 for Clinical Shiatsu therapist diploma. Only program in Finland with a clinical year.

  • Only program at the moment that suits Europe Shiatsu federation standards and programs.  

  • Method amplifies self-development of the therapist and supports personal processes, along with movement methods as Qi gong, Feldenkreiz, Yoga, Aikido and Belly-dancing, meditation and emotional tools.

  • Method includes energy management training in order to keep therapist healthy, energetic, and work effortless, rejuvenating and grounding.

  • Methods to instruct patients to self-care by need, in order to give a whole response to patient's development and healing process.


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The basic level is to get in order to get The next level is to give in order to get The third level to give in order to give The highest level is to get in order to give

Rabbi Ashlag

Qi & Body Shiatsu studies Finland 2022/23

Study Program for Level 1&2: Level1 – Qi tools and structures Level2 – Shiatsu therapist

Upcoming classes 2022/23 in Finland

Shiatsu studies level 1+2 November 2022, Finland

QBS school is starting a new course of traditional training. more details please contact: tel. 040 7565 789

Magical principles for effective treatment & Energy management Seminar for therapists 3-4-5 September 2022 Espoo

A weekend seminar, in which we will learn how to work better with our energy sources and gradually acknowledge the principles of work. ​ Various hands-on therapists are warmly invited. for details please contact: tel. 040 7565 789

:Qi & Body Shiatsu method is built on three basic elements
Profound knowledge in shiatsu: accuracy in location of tsubo (pressing point), correct pressing, rhythm and
.depth. Thorough studying of Kata. Direct connection with meridians, diagnoses and more

:Personal development of therapist
Deepening the connection “thought-consciousness- movement-Qi”. Presence and mindfulness. Feedback. Treating “the whole” –physical, emotional, spiritual

:Energy management
tools of long-term, effortless clinical work, rejuvenation, grounding, resetting, giving-receiving relations with one’s body and environment

LEVEL 1:Basic studies in Shiatsu, energy management
LEVEL 2: Shiatsu Therapist Diploma

Acquiring profound knowledge treating with Qi & Body Shiatsu method.

Learning Basic treatment forms (Kata), Hara treatment, meridian recognition in Hara, specific treatments. Uses and contra-indications.

Spiritual and practical development of the therapist – through mutual observation in human patterns and contents.

Heart practice, mutual and circular meditations, practical conscious techniques for healing and well-being.

Practical acquaintance with energetic field – of therapist and patient as one. Energy management of therapist (rejuvenating, grounding etc.).

Development of therapist as a guide and an escort in other's healing processes.

Contents of teaching – Shiatsu therapist
Acquaintance with our energetic field – and our surroundings, through practicing series of movements connected with consciousness.
Do-in includes:
Meridian stretching's
Elements from "Awareness through dance"
Elements from "Shizen no michi" Aikido

Basic tools how to work with our own Qi (life energy) and with other's.

Recognition of Unification – meanings and applications.
Anchors in our Qi field – recognition, connection and usage.
Energy management for therapist – rejuvenating, grounding, creating balance in the motivation of giving.
Practicing all these principles through Do-In, Kata and tsubo practice.
Subtle techniques of working with Qi.

Kata practice is the basic form of treatment.
Qualified therapist teaching includes 4 basic kata: lying on the belly, lying on the back, side position, sitting position – and Hara practice.
Kata practice includes acquaintance, usage and contra-indications.

Tsubo and Meridians
What is tsubo and how to find it.
Tsubo practice with various methods.
Meridians – tsubo locations in the Hara
Energetic experience with meridians.
Diagnosis and Specific treatment

Choosing treatment path with various intuitive tools, based of observation, Qi balance recognition, using key questions, Hara diagnosis and more.
Specific treatments are performed all over the body in specific tsubo. Hara treatment.

Manual joints techniques.
Usage and contra-indications.
Treatment-bed techniques – applications and usage.

Feedback and giver-receiver's relations
Feedback techniques - personal and in a group.
Receiver's responsibility for the treatment.
Methods and applications.
Treatment leading.
Group leading.
Heart practice and Group meditation
Observation in changes in Qi state reflected by our thoughts – through mutual practice and applications.Learning the power of energetic unification and sharing. Techniques of wishing for well-being and healing.

Teaching hours

:Level 1 
Basic Shiatsu + energy management (210 hours)
140 hours - Shiatsu teaching with a senior teacher
70 hours - group training

:Level 2
Qualified Shiatsu Therapist Diploma (420 hours including level 1)
140 hours – Shiatsu teaching with a senior teacher, including 20 hours of
professional ethics and therapist-patient's relations
70 hours – group training and final paperwork
Treatment reports of minimum 3 patients treated 6 treatments (18 treatments).

In order to suit European Shiatsu Accociasion standard, the students will be reqiuered to seperately take a short Anatomy & Physiology course.

: Level 3
Clinical Shiatsu Therapist Diploma (240 hours, 660 3 levels)
Advanced program that is aimed to achieve clinical specializing in Shiatsu treatment.
We will continue and deepen former contents and put special emphasis on therapist's spiritual development.

The teaching includes
Advanced Kata - Deep and effective katas, using different parts of therapist's body.
Advanced Tsubo treatment throughout whole body – pattern and random tsubo.
Advanced Hara and meridian treatment.
Advanced practice with practitioner's development.
Specific symptomatic treatments (back pain, neck pain, pregnancy, shoulders, belly, knees, children and more).
Clinic hours supervised by a senior teacher.
Clinical discussions over cases.

Organizer: Galit Shaviv
Akupunktio- & Hyvinvointiklinikka, Kivenlahdenkatu 3, Espoo
Contact: Johanna Häkkinen,, tel. 040 7565 789