Six reasons you can count right now

1. Everyone is a star. The basic assumption that the health, well-being and personal development of the therapist are the infrastructure on which a thriving clinic stands over the years, enabling healing for many.
Studying in the group is also a personal journey for each of the learners, when the desire is to cultivate, enrich and establish each one, to the strengths, uniqueness and personal nuance, through which shiatsu can pass as a healing method.

2. Shiatsu is communication - the assumption that the work of Shiatsu creates communication with all the layers of our expression, - the physical, the energetic, the emotional and the mind. Working with these layers is part of learning the method, including an understanding of what the therapeutic space is, what a therapist is and what his role is in accompanying the healing process.

3. Indirect diagnostic method. which is based on the development of the therapist's unique sensing and diagnostic channels, which enables exposure of the hidden revealed through posture and body movement.

4. Traditional methodical practice. based on katas created by masters, and practiced rigorously and in depth, while understanding the relationship between the therapist's body movement, his cognition and awareness - and the effectiveness of the treatment.

5. Energy management. Innovative and life-changing knowledge, which allows the therapist to work without effort and with the best channeling of resources during the treatment and in general.

6. Values. A connection to ethical and humane values and principles, which are the basis of a corrected conduct between a person himself and a person and his friend.

Who is invited to come and study with us?

Those who believe in touch as a supporter of regeneration and healing who wish to learn a profession - an effective and highly sought-after art of healing these days, because people need the right and good touch; To learn an effective work method, which keeps the therapist's body healthy for years, and with those who agree to change

Shiatsu for certified therapist certificate level 1+2 Shiatsu for clinical therapist certificate level 3

Shiatsu is a Japanese manual energetic treatment that was developed in the last 150 years, based on ancient healing eastern knowledge and wisdom that realizes that 
Everything is interwoven.

Everything is in motion, all the time, always. 
That's life. A constant movement.
Motion is health, so lack of movement creates stagnation that reflects in various shapes: physical, mental, energetic. 
:Shiatsu, as most complementary treatments, is supporting movement and works a bit like plumbing
The body systems are encouraged to increase natural healing energy, and release blocked energy that eventually creates illness.
It is done by pressing special points all over the body that are chosen carefully.
Shi – finger. Atsu – pressing.

The precise dialogue between the movement of the body, the mind and the energy field allows the treatment to be precise, deep, compact and easy and stimulates the movement of chi in the field of both the therapist and the patient, without straining and over-giving

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Conscious body-chi practice (Do-in) that includes meridian stretches, Ranki (the practice of the mind-movement-chi connection and its application in Shiatsu therapy) and other exercises inspired by Chi Kung, Feldenkrais, Aikido and more.

Careful study and practice of traditional shiatsu katas - which are the basis of the treatment.

Meridians - familiarity and accuracy in locating and working on meridians and pressure points (Tsovo).

Specific treatments - manual treatments, specific condition treatments.

The level 1 track includes: 32 lessons, 170 teacher hours + 50 practice hours and a total of 220 academic hours.

The route to level 2 (therapist certification) includes: 32 lessons, 170 teacher hours + 50 practice hours and a total (including level 1) of 440 academic hours.

The track to level 3 (clinical therapist) includes: 30 lessons, 160 teacher hours + 50 supervised clinic hours and observation.

Total hours in the practical three-year track - 650 academics.

The program meets the highest standards in Israel and complies with the requirements of the Israeli and European Shiatsu Association.

To watch an online meeting with Galit Shabiv at the 2020 Shiatsu International Conference