Short and refreshing workshops for the therapeutic professionals

Energy Management in clinic & life
Seminar for Shiatsu therapists

What is the source of my energy?
Am I an independent "energy economy"?
Do I produce my energy myself – by breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking,

exercising and having good genes?
Do I use "my Qi" in the clinic?

Another Question
Can I prevent coming back from the clinic empty and exhausted, carrying the patient "on my back"?
How do I prevent energy- adsorption or leaking?

Talking of Qi
Life-energy, relates many times to the "spiritual", mostly because "Qi is invisible". When we derive ourselves from the obvious – to the delicate and concealed – we clearly sense Qi in the room and its clear impact on our physical and mental.

Shiatsu therapists Are warmly invites to a unique seminar about: Qi!
We will practice Connecting our Qi field. Support it. Get supported by it.
Connecting useful anchors in our Qi field.
The principle of unification and its essentiality to our work with others.
Connecting Tsubo and meridians in a light deep accurate way, Without leaking or adsorbing, without maps.

To nourish, rejuvenate and ground ourselves in clear, simple tools.
Working effortless and full of lightness and joy.

We will practice Shiatsu Katas, movement, group meditation and self-observation – based on Qi & Body method.

The tools
In the seminar are more "technology" than spiritual. Based on the fact that we are all built from endless particles that are genially set and programmed, that follow the most powerful tool we got: The human mind.

Who is it for?
Curious Shiatsu therapists and students, that are willing to think "out of the box".

where? when? how much?
please contact:

Galit Shaviv, senior shiatsu therapist (1992) and teacher.
Developer of Qi & Body Shiatsu.
Qi & Body is taught more than a decade in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and since 2011 in the ISA International School of Acupuncture in Tapiola, Espoo, Finland.

Qi & Body school workshops

Energy management workshop // 'Someone to run with'

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