Professional training for pregnancy and birth care - for certified shiatsu therapists. Part 1. The basics of the method and training for pregnancy - 12 sessions. Part 2. Extensions and deepening of the method - 8 sessions.

Shiatsu treatment during pregnancy has a profound effect on the physical, energetic and mental state of the woman.
Pregnancy is a special and extreme situation, in which the body and mind undergo a fundamental change

The deep rhythmic treatment helps a woman get used to her changing body again,
to observe and listen to the lives that are created in it and outside it, to refine the internal channels of information,
to change priorities and return energy to the body that creates and creates life

Professional treatment, which refers to the changing layers - body, emotion, consciousness - is an essential and important accompaniment
On a journey of creating a new life - baby, mother and wife.

'Someone to run with' is my baby, and this baby grows and renews itself year by year

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I have been practicing Shiatsu since 1992. Graduated from the School of Shiatsu and Chinese Healing, International Tao Shiatsu and Seiki Shiatsu.
Develops the Qi & Body method.
The method is taught as therapist training in the Ancient Chinese Medicine Study Program and the International School of Acupuncture in Helsinki, Finland.

Caring for pregnant women since 1995.
One of the first doulas and birth attendants in Israel, establishing the training program for birth room attendants at Meir Hospital in 1997. She teaches training courses for midwives and professional women.
In 1996, I started accompanying pregnant women at the clinic, and mainly in a project that was innovative and bold at the time - accompanying births at the Meir Hospital, by shiatsu therapists, Chinese medicine and reflexology. Accompanying births and pregnant women was very basic in these years, and my knowledge deepened as I accompanied more pregnancies and births.

Why are Chi & Bodi pregnant?

Pregnancy certification is a fascinating specialization and through it you can deepen the basics of traditional Japanese shiatsu.
The specialization course of 'Someone to run with' is a deep dive into myself, into Shiatsu therapy with its subtleties and precision, into the energetic field and its charms, into a completely new observation point on the reality in which we live.
In 'Mishshi' there is almost no bibliography, the notebooks are a private initiative of the participants and the main 'material' is us therapists: the mind, the body, the heart, the intention.
The study and treatment of the method provide an answer to all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, conscious

The approach to the treatment of pregnant women is based on twenty years of treatment experience, during pregnancy, at birth and after.
The classes will focus on deepening shiatsu as an effective tool, using the Qi & Body method.
The method deepens the understanding of shiatsu along with the constant development of the therapist. We will deepen the orientation in the energy field, develop intuitive and empathic abilities, precision in finding the pressure points and their effectiveness, observation of the therapist's self during the shiatsu work - and proper management of energy, in the treatment room and outside.
The goal - to learn how to give a complete and effective accompaniment that refers to all the changing layers of the life-creating body.

The practice includes:
Learning and deepening of katas suitable for the changing stages and situations of pregnancy.
Specific treatment techniques for special conditions (back pain, symplisis pubis, nausea, heartburn, lack of sleep, etc.).
The pregnancy process according to trimesters and the physical and emotional symptoms specific to each period.
Study of self-practice adapted to different situations, for relief and strengthening - including body-mind exercises, breathing and guidance of the imagination.
Treatment of the emotional-hormonal system: body, sexuality, relationships, rest-work and more.
Reading and discussing inspirational texts.
Preparing the body for birth.
Postpartum rehabilitation.
Getting to know parallel fields of healing that can provide a complementary solution to the shiatsu treatment.

More details about the program:
20 weekly meetings of five hours each (6 academic hours) - will be held in Karkur
A total of 130 academic hours
Qualified shiatsu therapists with at least two years of experience will be admitted to the course.
The studies will be conducted in a small group in order to create intimate and deep work
Graduates will be given a certificate of certification for treatment of pregnancy using the method.

Someone to run with

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