Founder of Qi & Body shiatsu school

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Shiatsu practitioner since 1992, therapist and teacher.
Graduated from the School of Shiatsu and Chinese Healing (Medicine), Tao Shiatsu Center Israel and Seiki Shiatsu.
B.A from Tel Aviv University (1991).

A senior Shiatsu teacher (Medicine, the program for the study of ancient Chinese medicine)
Founder of Qi & Body Shiatsu method.
Trains Shiatsu therapists for a certified and clinical practitioner certificate in the method - formerly in the Ancient Chinese medicine studies program of the Hebrew University and on behalf of the association for ancient Chinese medicine and the International School of Acupuncture in Helsinki, Finland.

Focuses on female healing processes and women's health - pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum rehabilitation, menopause.
Including accompanying births since 1997 in delivery rooms and in home births.
Teaches "someone to run with" - training Shiatsu therapists for treatment of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum rehabilitation.

Teaches touch and energy management workshops for therapists and professionals - midwives, doulas, social workers and more.

From the founders of the Israeli Shiatsu Association.

Former practitioner of Yoga in 3 different methods (Vijnana ,Iyengar and Feminine yoga). Movement, Feldenkrais and movement Traditional Archery and Aikido at the school of internal martial arts.
Student, facilitator and mentor at the Cosmic University - a social organization that promotes the empowerment of the individual and the whole.

Born in 1967, Israel.
On the mattress for 30 years and loving  it.
Mother and spouse.
Clinic in Karkur.