Qi and Body Shiatsu School

A small school for traditional and innovative shiatsu

נפתחה ההרשמה לשנת הלימודים 2023/24

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Qi & Body Shiatsu unique treatment is combining traditional an
Shiatsu is a Japanese manual energetic treatment that was developed in the last 150 years, based on ancient healing eastern knowledge and wisdom that realizes that 
Everything is interwoven.

Everything is in motion, all the time, always. 
That's life. A constant movement.
Motion is health, so lack of movement creates stagnation that reflects in various shapes: physical, mental, energetic. 
:Shiatsu, as most complementary treatments, is supporting movement and works a bit like plumbing
The body systems are encouraged to increase natural healing energy, and release blocked energy that eventually creates illness.
It is done by pressing special points all over the body that are chosen carefully.
Shi – finger. Atsu – pressing.
Our school offers deep & thorough training, in small groups, that escorts the practitioner in one's development as a therapists and a human.
The method emphasizes traditional methodological practice along with innovative
and refreshed concept of treatment.
This method was evolving naturally, on the basis of faith in the healing abilities of deep, effective touch, and
from great curiosity to learn new language that emerges from an ancient one.

,Qi & Body Shiatsu is created within 30 years of Shiatsu practice in various methodsAnd is taught in various places, including the program of ancient Chinese medicine studies in Israel and in Finland.

Our school offers profound study in small groups, that enables to personally escort the student in the development process as a therapist and a human.
We emphasize methodological practice along with innovative healing approach, on a practical acquaintance with our energetic realm, with Qi and meridians - and the relation of it all to the body movement and mental focus.
Also, and most importantly, on self transformation of the practitioner, on nourishing and enhancing their natural talent and uniqueness. And finally, on wise energy management that allows rejuvenation and the joy of giving treatment for years and years.

Qi & Body Shiatsu school

Registration for the 2022/23 school year has opened

Founder of Qi & Body shiatsu school

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Shiatsu practitioner since 1992, therapist and teacher.
Graduated from the School of Shiatsu and Chinese Healing (Medicine), Tao Shiatsu Center Israel and Seiki Shiatsu.
B.A from Tel Aviv University (1991).

A senior Shiatsu teacher (Medicine, the program for the study of ancient Chinese medicine)
Founder of Qi & Body Shiatsu method.
Trains Shiatsu therapists for a certified and clinical practitioner certificate in the method - formerly in the Ancient Chinese medicine studies program of the Hebrew University and on behalf of the association for ancient Chinese medicine and the International School of Acupuncture in Helsinki, Finland.

Focuses on female healing processes and women's health - pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum rehabilitation, menopause.
Including accompanying births since 1997 in delivery rooms and in home births.
Teaches "someone to run with" - training Shiatsu therapists for treatment of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum rehabilitation.

Teaches touch and energy management workshops for therapists and professionals - midwives, doulas, social workers and more.

From the founders of the Israeli Shiatsu Association.

Former practitioner of Yoga in 3 different methods (Vijnana ,Iyengar and Feminine yoga). Movement, Feldenkrais and movement Traditional Archery and Aikido at the school of internal martial arts.
Student, facilitator and mentor at the Cosmic University - a social organization that promotes the empowerment of the individual and the whole.

Born in 1967, Israel.
On the mattress for 30 years and loving  it.
Mother and spouse.
Clinic in Karkur.

In-depth workshops and trainings for caregivers

Alongside the training program for shiatsu therapists, in-depth workshops for therapists are held from time to time

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A moment of calibration

You are invited to take a moment for yourselves and come with us on a short journey