Contact with reality

Union, kata, contact with reality

I create a bond of recognition in union with a patient.I recognize the fact that we both operate within a unified field.That we are different, that we are equal.This recognition gives rise to a situation that exists between us for the duration of the treatment and sometimes even after it.This situation has its own energy, its own life, its own movement, its own rhythm.
I let it be my desire to be "present all the time" with the patient.Letting go of the unattainable ambition to be "all the time" with someone, to give them one hundred percent.Like an ideal image of a breastfeeding mother. Or telling a story to a girl before bed.
In reality my consciousness is jumpy and runs away.When I return it through my desire to be constantly at attention with someone else -I correspond with the patient's hunger for more.Another touch. More depth. Another attention.Corresponds with my desire to be perfect. With my frustration that I am far from it.
The way to be in touch with reality is to recognize that what is created between us has a life of its own.own movement. own energy.I do kata.When I am accurate, when I am in touch with more and more details from the kata -My reality unfolds to infinite depth, to infinite moments.I am in touch with reality when I am aware of as many details as possible in my movementAnd how this reality meets me.
In such a situation there is no hunger. No desire for more.There are two people who meet and agree to go a long way together.
Galit Shabiv

"If suddenly an angel appearsTo my room will come BlattCome on momCome on momand see him too"